The Results Are In! The 2022 Stuckey Automotive Food Bank Challenge

December 13th, 2022 by

The Stuckey Automotive Food Bank Challenge had a successful second year collecting over 12,000 non-perishable food items.
All five dealers involved (Stuckey Automotive, Altoona Honda, Blaise Alexander of Altoona, Five Star Mitsubishi, and Courtesy Motors) presented all their items Tuesday, Dec. 13 at the St. Vincent De Paul Family Soup Kitchen in Altoona. They’ve been collecting items since mid-October.The challenge’s goal is to collect items to help the kitchens that do so much for the community. Additionally, it shows how the competitors can come together and support those in need. Director of the kitchen, Sister Paula Delgrosso, said she’s grateful for the effort done by the dealers. All the food goes a long way in helping towards the kitchen’s daily servings and their Christmas giveaway.“It means a lot because it helps to fill our boxes. We don’t want to fill half-empty boxes,” Delgrosso said. “So they help fill a quarter of the boxes or more than that. So it means a lot. Sometimes I think they’re doing so little, and they underestimate what they’re doing if it helps. Yes, it helps.”Their annual Christmas giveaway includes a bunch of food items along with a choice of ham or turkey. Families also get to pick out new toys and winter items. Additionally, they receive dinner before they pick out their items.
Sister Paula said there has been an increase in the demand for meals. While she fills up to 400 boxes, she believes she’ll serve at least 300 families. She also added she’s seen a higher number of homeless people within the area.
“There definitely is an increase in the need that families have. We’re seeing a lot more homeless people come into the soup kitchen,” Delgrosso said. “More homeless than ever, and I’ve been here for 32 years. I never saw any homeless seeing now.”
Each dealer collected over 600 items throughout the entirety of the challenge. They added it’s a testament to their employees and the community to donate to an important cause.
Stuckey Automotive Marketing Director Karen Beauchamp said Sister Paula’s reaction to the donation was heartfelt. It brings out the Christmas spirit that all can come together and conduct a successful campaign to address the hunger issue.
“We know it’s been tough. We all heard it. We’ve all had to deal with inflation, but the fact our team and four other teams could rally together for a greater good,” Beauchamp said, “It’s just a testament to the character of those living in our community.”
“It’s just awesome that we get to help the community like this. Seeing how much stuff all together the dealerships came together and bought,” Salesperson of Altoona Honda Nick Kratzer said. “It’s very nice to see, especially during the hard times and the holidays.”
The Christmas giveaway is taking place on Thursday, December 22.

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